Cannabis and pancreatic cancer
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cannabinoids cancer,pancreatic cancer,lung cancer via review Enhancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Cancer Treatment With Cannabinoids Apr 2018
This study explores the potential of combination approaches employing CBDs with radiotherapy (RT) or smart biomaterials toward enhancing therapeutic efficacy during treatment of pancreatic and lung cancers.
cannabinoids cancer,pancreatic cancer in vitro Cannabinoids induce apoptosis of pancreatic tumor cells via endoplasmic reticulum stress-related genes. Jul 2006
Action Pathway: p8
Studies conducted with MiaPaCa2 and Panc1 cell lines showed that cannabinoid administration (a) induced apoptosis, (b) increased ceramide levels, and (c) up-regulated mRNA levels of the stress protein p8.
Pinene cancer,pancreatic cancer in mice via experiment Protective effects of alpha-pinene in mice with cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis Oct 2012
Ingestion Method: intraperitoneal
Intraperitoneal administration of alpha-pinene reduced the pancreatic weight (PW) to body weight (BW) ratio and the serum levels of amylase and lipase. Alpha-pinene treatment also reduced histological damage and myeloperoxidase activity in the pancreas and lungs.
THC,CBD cancer,pancreatic cancer in humans via review Potential Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer. Jan 2019
Action Pathway: CB1,CB2,GPR55
Neutral  Cannabinol receptors have been identified in pancreatic cancer with several studies showing in vitro antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects. Cannabinoids may be an effective adjunct for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Data on the anticancer effectiveness of various cannabinoid formulations, treatment dosing, precise mode of action, and clinical studies are lacking.