Cannabis and 2AG
Browse the latest research linking medical marijuana / medicinal cannabis and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2AG) (a endocannabinoid)

Action: CB1 agonist, CB2 ligand
2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) is an endocannabinoid, an endogenous agonist of the CB1 receptor and the primary endogenous ligand for the CB2 receptor. [Wikipedia]
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Compounds Topics Title Date
2AG,ANA sexual health in rats via experiment Endocannabinoids Interact With the Dopaminergic System to Increase Sexual Motivation: Lessons From the Sexual Satiety Phenomenon Aug 2019
Based on these data, it could be thought that sexual motivation is diminished during the long-lasting sexual inhibitory period that characterizes sexually exhausted rats and that eCBs reverse that inhibition through the modulation of the dopaminergic system.
2AG pain,sedative in mice Identification of an endogenous 2-monoglyceride, present in canine gut, that binds to cannabinoid receptors. Jun 1995
Upon intravenous administration to mice, 2-Ara-Gl caused the typical tetrad of effects produced by THC: antinociception, immobility, reduction of spontaneous activity, and lowering of the rectal temperature. 2-Ara-Gl also shares the ability of delta 9-THC to inhibit electrically evoked contractions of mouse isolated vasa deferentia; however, it was less potent than delta 9-THC.