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Compond Class Vape Point Flavor
THC cannabinoid 157C
THCV cannabinoid 220C
CBD cannabinoid 180C
CBG cannabinoid 200C
CBN cannabinoid 170C
Pinene primary terp 155C Piney
Myrcene primary terp 167C Musky
Limonene primary terp 176C Citrus
Caryophyllene primary terp 130C Woody
Humulene primary terp 106C Woody
Linalool primary terp 198C Floral
Terpinolene primary terp 186C Woody
Nerolidol secondary terp 122C Woody
Borneol secondary terp 213C Minty
Ocimene secondary terp 55-65C Fruity
Geraniol secondary terp 230C Flower
Guaiol secondary terp 92C Piney
Bisabolol secondary terp 153C Sweet
Cymene secondary terp 177C Spicy