How to Consume Cannabis

Choosing an ingestion method can be confusing and overwhelming to new users, so let's go over the basics.

Classic Bong


Bongs may evoke the stereotypical stoner image but they are a favorite among many users and have been around for centuries all over the world. They filter the smoke through water, cooling it which can make it easier for new users to inhale.

The water filtration process removes many unwanted residual burning components, while the cannabinoids and terpenes we are after don't dissolve in water. The downside is that they can take up a lot of space and need to be cleaned and re-filled regularly.

Paper Joints


Joints are popular because they are small and discreet, closely resembling a tobacco cigarette. It can be tricky to master the perfect roll but they are a great size for tucking in your pocket for a night out.

You can use a small spice grinder to finely dice up the leaf in preparation for rolling, but a small pair of scissors will work to. You can buy pre-fabricated filters to make sure the tip stays open and nothing falls out during smoking, but they aren't strictly necessary.



Vaporizers are the recommended way to consume cannabis, especially for medical users. The precise temperature controls allow you precise control over Terpene content, while ensuring no plant combustion occurs. These are usually large, home-use devices and range in price but do tend to be the most expensive option. 



E-cigarettes are small, portable vaporizers which are quickly becoming the most popular method of consuming cannabis. They are discrete, portable, easy to clean and sometimes even disposable.

Dry Pipes


Dry pipes let you quickly get the same effect as rolling a joint, but without the rolling. They are a little less portable then a joint as they are larger and more fragile, but are great if your relaxing at home and dont want to take the time to roll a joint or clean the bong.