Cannabis and Bisabolol
Browse the latest research linking medical marijuana / medicinal cannabis and Alpha-Bisabolol (Bisabolol) (a sesquiterpene)

Boiling/Vape Point: 153℃
Flavors: Sweet
Also in: chamomile flower, candeia tree
Bisabolol is a cannabis terpene boasting a delicately sweet and floral aroma with hints of citrus and spice. [Wikipedia]
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Compounds Topics Title Date
Bisabolol cancer in vitro via experiment Pro-apoptotic activity of Alpha-bisabolol in preclinical models of primary human acute leukemia cells Nov 2010
Our study provides the first evidence that alpha--bisabolol is a pro-apoptotic agent for primary human acute leukemia cells.
Bisabolol anti-oxidant in vitro Antioxidant activity of bisabolol: inhibitory effects on chemiluminescence of human neutrophil bursts and cell-free systems. Dec 2008
These findings draw the attention to the possible medical use of bisabolol as a means of improving the antioxidant network and restoring the redox balance by antagonising oxidative stress.
Bisabolol anti-inflamatory in vitro Inhibitory effects of (-)-Alpha-bisabolol on LPS-induced inflammatory response in RAW264.7 macrophages. Oct 2011
Our results indicate that (-)-alpha--bisabolol exerts anti-inflammatory effects by downregulating expression of iNOS and COX-2 genes through inhibition of NF-kappa-B and AP-1 (ERK and p38) signaling.
Bisabolol anti-inflamatory,pain in mice via model Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of (-)-Alpha-bisabolol in rodents. Dec 2011
These findings suggest that the anti-nociceptive action of (-)-alpha--bisabolol is not linked to a central mechanism but instead is related to the inflammatory process.
Bisabolol anti-viral in vitro The antimicrobial activity of alpha-bisabolol and tea tree oil against Solobacterium moorei, a Gram-positive bacterium associated with halitosis. Jan 2013
Halitosis-associated bacterium S. moorei is susceptible to the antimicrobial agents tea tree oil and alpha-bisabolol, suggesting that these compounds might be beneficial in oral healthcare products.
Bisabolol anti-inflamatory in vitro Alpha-(-)-bisabolol reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production and ameliorates skin inflammation. 2014
These findings suggested that alpha--(-)-bisabolol may be a useful therapeutic candidate for the treatment of skin inflammation.
Bisabolol anti-bacterial in mice via experiment (-)-Alpha-Bisabolol, a Promising Oral Compound for the Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis June 2015
Ingestion Method: oral
Bisabolol is a nontoxic compound that was proven to be active against visceral leishmaniasis in an in vivo murine model orally.
Bisabolol leg ulcers in humans via placebo trial (n=29) Randomized, controlled study of innovative spray formulation containing ozonated oil and Alpha-bisabolol in the topical treatment of chronic venous leg ulcers. Sep 2015
Ingestion Method: topical
At the end of treatment, the proportion of patients with complete ulcer healing was higher with ozonated oil and alpha--bisabolol formulation (25% vs 0%). Furthermore, the changes in ulcer surface area were significant for ozonated oil and alpha--bisabolol formulation only (P < .05), in particular, observing a significant and progressive reduction of the wound surface by 34%, 59%, and 73%, after 7, 14, and 30 days of treatment, respectively.
Bisabolol cancer in rats via placebo trial Bisabolol ameliorates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats Jan 2015
Based on present study findings, it can be concluded that BSB may be an excellent therapeutic agent to prevent CSP-induced nephrotoxicity. Given the wide beneficial effects and safety profile of BSB along with its antitumorigenic activity, BSB has tremendous therapeutic potential in a multitude of other diseases associated with inflammation and oxidative stress.