Cannabis and Cannflavin
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Cannflavins are a group of chemical compounds found in Cannabis sativa. Chemically, they are prenylflavonoids and are unrelated to THC and other cannabinoids. [Wikipedia]
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Compounds Topics Title Date
Cannflavin anti-microbial,anti-viral in vitro Microbial metabolism of cannflavin A and B isolated from Cannabis sativa Jun 2010
We herein report the microbial metabolism of 1 and 2 via a panel of 41 microorganisms, as well as the isolation, structure elucidation and activity (antimicrobial and antiprotozoal) of the resultant metabolites.
Cannflavin anti-inflamatory in vitro Biosynthesis of cannflavins A and B from Cannabis sativa L May 2019
Cannflavins exhibit anti-inflammatory activity that is thirty times that of aspirin.
Cannflavin ra in vitro Cannflavin A and B, prenylated flavones from Cannabis sativa L. Apr 1986
Two novel prenylated flavones, termed Cannflavin A and B, were isolated from the cannabinoid free ethanolic extract of Cannabis sativa L. Both compounds inhibited prostaglandin E2 production by human rheumatoid synovial cells in culture.