Cannabis and Cymene
Browse the latest research linking medical marijuana / medicinal cannabis and Rho-Cymene (Cymene) (a monoterpene)

Boiling/Vape Point: 177℃
Flavors: Spicy
Also in: coriander, eucalyptus, marjoram
Rho-Cymene has a musty scent and is found naturally in thyme, cumin and other spices. [Wikipedia]
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Compounds Topics Title Date
Phellandrene,Terpinolene,Cymene,Pinene cancer, anti-inflamatory,cancer,breast cancer in vitro Chemical composition, antimicrobial, and cytotoxicity studies on S. erianthum and S. macranthum essential oils Apr 2012
The Solanum essential oils possess strong antimicrobial activity in addition to the potent cytotoxic potential of S. erianthum leaf oil against Hs 578T and PC-3 cells.
Cymene anti-inflamatory in vitro Protective effect of p-cymene on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in mice. Apr 2014
The data showed that treatment with the p-cymene markedly attenuated inflammatory cell numbers in the BALF, decreased NF-kappa-B protein level in the lungs, improved SOD activity, and inhibited MPO activity.
Cymene obesity,diabetes in mice (n=48) Cymene and Metformin treatment effect on biochemical parameters of male NMRI mice fed with high fat diet. June 2015
Non-fasting glucose serum levels, ALT, and ALP of E2 and E3 decreased significantly compared to HFD control group.
Cymene anti-inflamatory,copd in mice via experiment Structurally Related Monoterpenes p-Cymene, Carvacrol and Thymol Isolated from Essential Oil from Leaves of Lippia sidoides Cham. (Verbenaceae) Protect Mice against Elastase-Induced Emphysema. Dec 2016
Monoterpenes p-cymene, carvacrol and thymol reduced lung emphysema and inflammation in mice. No significant differences among the three monoterpenes treatments were found, suggesting that the presence of hydroxyl group in the molecular structure of thymol and carvacrol do not play a central role in the anti-inflammatory effects.
Cymene anxiety in mice Pharmacological evaluation of the anxiolytic-like effects of Lippia graveolens and bioactive compounds. Dec 2017
Ingestion Method: Lippia graveolens Kunth
After administration of the extracts and bioactive compounds, a significant anxiolytic-like response from 1 mg/kg, i.p. was observed, resembling the effect of diazepam.
Cymene anti-oxidant in vitro via experiment Antiglycation, antioxidant, and cytotoxic activities of Uvaria chamae root and essential oil composition. Nov 2018
Ingestion Method: Uvaria chamae (Annonaceae) oil
U. chamae root possess antiglycation effect, and may also reduce oxidative stress in patients with diabetes; its antiglycation effect, oil composition, and cytotoxicity are reported for the first time.
Cymene,Terpinene anti-oxidant in vitro via experiment Comparison of chemical composition and antioxidant activities of two Winter savory subspecies (Satureja montana subsp. variegata and Satureja montana subsp. montana) cultivated in Northern Italy. Nov 2018
The antioxidant activity was determined by using DPPH, ABTS and FRAP and essential oils displayed noteworthy radical scavenging effects against the ABTS radical