Cannabis and Pinene
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Boiling/Vape Point: 155℃
Flavors: Pine, Herb
Also in: Pine Needles, Sage, Eucalyptus, Conifers
Alpha-pinene has a woody and earthy aroma, with clear cedarwood and pine tones [Wikipedia]
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Pinene anti-viral in vitro Comparative anti-infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) activity of (-)-pinene: effect on nucleocapsid (N) protein. Jan 2011
Results presented here may suggest that (-)-alpha--pinene and (-)-beta--pinene possess anti-IBV properties, and therefore are a potential source of anti-IBV ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.
Pinene cancer in vitro alpha--pinene regulates miR-221 and induces G2/M phase cell cycle arrest in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells Dec 2018
Additionally, alpha--pinene was found to trigger oxidative stress and induce apoptosis of HepG2 cells. alpha--pinene, therefore, represents a potential chemotherapeutic compound for the treatment of HCC.
Pinene,Terpineol,Linalool anti-fungal in vitro Antifungal activity of the components of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil. 2003
All tea tree oil components, except beta-myrcene, had antifungal activity. The lack of activity reported for some components by microdilution may be due to these components becoming absorbed into the polystyrene of the microtitre tray.
Pinene alzheimers,parkinsons in vitro Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase Activity by Bicyclic Monoterpenoids Feb 2005
alpha-pinene and (+)-3-carene were potent inhibitors of AChE.
Humulene,Pinene,Caryophyllene anti-bacterial in vitro Composition and anti-bacterial activity of Abies balsamea essential oil. May 2006
Ingestion Method: essential oil of Abies balsamea (balsam fir)
However, three constituents of the essential oil were active against S. aureus: alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene (0.4%) and alpha-humulene (0.2%) with MIC values of 13.6 microg/mL, 5.1 microg/mL and 2.6 microg/mL, respectively.
Pinene,Terpineol memory in vitro Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity and chemical composition of commercial essential oils. Apr 2009
Among the essential oil components, five components, namely, 1,8-cineole, alpha--pinene, eugenol, alpha--terpineol, and terpinen-4-ol, showed AChE inhibitory activity, with IC(50) values of 0.015, 0.022, 0.48, 1.3, and 3.2 mg/mL, respectively.
Phellandrene,Terpinolene,Cymene,Pinene cancer, anti-inflamatory,cancer,breast cancer in vitro Chemical composition, antimicrobial, and cytotoxicity studies on S. erianthum and S. macranthum essential oils Apr 2012
The Solanum essential oils possess strong antimicrobial activity in addition to the potent cytotoxic potential of S. erianthum leaf oil against Hs 578T and PC-3 cells.
Linalool,Pinene depression in mice via experiment antidepressant activity of Litsea glaucescens essential oil: Identification of Beta-pinene and linalool as active principles Sept 2012
Ingestion Method: 100 and 300 mg/Kg.
L. glaucescens essential oil showed antidepressant activity, beta--pinene and linalool were identified as its active principles. These results support the use of L. glaucescens in Mexican Traditional Medicine for the treatment of sadness.
Pinene cancer,pancreatic cancer in mice via experiment Protective effects of alpha-pinene in mice with cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis Oct 2012
Ingestion Method: intraperitoneal
Intraperitoneal administration of alpha-pinene reduced the pancreatic weight (PW) to body weight (BW) ratio and the serum levels of amylase and lipase. Alpha-pinene treatment also reduced histological damage and myeloperoxidase activity in the pancreas and lungs.
Pinene cancer in vitro Inhibitory effects of alpha--pinene on hepatoma carcinoma cell proliferation. 2014
Further experiments showed that alpha--pinene inhibited BEL-7402 cells by arresting cell growth in the G2/M phase of the cell cycle, downregulating Cdc25C mRNA and protein expression, and reducing cycle dependence on kinase 1(CDK1) activity.
Terpinene,Pinene anti-inflamatory in vitro Chemical composition and anti-inflammation activity of essential oils from Citrus unshiu flower. May 2014
Ingestion Method: essential oils from Citrus unshiu flower
The results indicate that the CEO is an effective inhibitor of LPS-induced NO and PGE2 production in RAW 264.7 cells. Additionally, CEO was shown to suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines including interleukin (IL)-1beta, tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha, and IL-6. Based on these results, CEO may be considered a potential anti-inflammatory candidate with human health benefits.
Linalool,Pinene depression in mice Linalool and Beta-pinene exert their antidepressant-like activity through the monoaminergic pathway. May 2015
Our results indicate that linalool and beta--pinene produce an antidepressant-like effect through interaction with the monoaminergic system.
Pinene cancer in vitro Anti-tumor effect of Alpha-pinene on human hepatoma cell lines through inducing G2/M cell cycle arrest. Mar 2015
The results show that liver cancer cell growth was inhibited obviously with inhibitory rate of 79.3% in vitro and 69.1% in vivo, Chk1 and Chk2 levels were upregulated, CyclinB, CDC25 and CDK1 levels were downregulated.
Pinene cancer in rats Antioxidative, anticancer and genotoxic properties of Alpha-pinene on N2a neuroblastoma cells Aug 2013
Overall our results suggest that alpha--pinene is of a limited therapeutic use as an anticancer agent.
Pinene,Eugenol anti-bacterial in vitro via experiment Inhibitory effect of Beta-pinene, Alpha-pinene and eugenol on the growth of potential infectious endocarditis causing Gram-positive bacteria Mar 2007
Positive  The assayed phytochemicals presented interesting antimicrobial potential noted by low MIC values. MIC values oscillated between 2.5 (eugenol x S. pneumoniae ATCC 11773) to 40 mL/mL (beta-pinene x S. epidermidis ATCC 12228)