Cannabis and Terpinene
Browse the latest research linking medical marijuana / medicinal cannabis and Gamma-Terpinene (Terpinene) (a monoterpene)

Boiling/Vape Point: 174℃
Flavors: Spicy, Cloves
Also in: Cumin, Mint
The terpinenes are a group of isomeric hydrocarbons that are classified as monoterpenes. [Wikipedia]
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Compounds Topics Title Date
Terpinene,Pinene anti-inflamatory in vitro Chemical composition and anti-inflammation activity of essential oils from Citrus unshiu flower. May 2014
Ingestion Method: essential oils from Citrus unshiu flower
The results indicate that the CEO is an effective inhibitor of LPS-induced NO and PGE2 production in RAW 264.7 cells. Additionally, CEO was shown to suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines including interleukin (IL)-1beta, tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha, and IL-6. Based on these results, CEO may be considered a potential anti-inflammatory candidate with human health benefits.
Cymene,Terpinene anti-oxidant in vitro via experiment Comparison of chemical composition and antioxidant activities of two Winter savory subspecies (Satureja montana subsp. variegata and Satureja montana subsp. montana) cultivated in Northern Italy. Nov 2018
The antioxidant activity was determined by using DPPH, ABTS and FRAP and essential oils displayed noteworthy radical scavenging effects against the ABTS radical
Terpinene sedative in mice via experiment Enhancement of Pentobarbital-induced Sleep by the Vaporized Essential Oil of Citrus keraji var. kabuchii and its Characteristic Component, y-Terpinene. Aug 2016
Thus, vaporized Kabuchii essential oil and its active component, y-terpinene, have sedative effects comparable with diazepam without inducing motor incoordination, which is a well-known side effect of. diazepam.