Cannabis and ZYN002
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CONNECT-FX is a clinical trial evaluating ZYN002, an experimental transdermally delivered CBD gel, as a treatment for some of the common and debilitating behaviors in patients with FXS [Wikipedia]
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ZYN002 fragilex in humans via trial A phase 1/2, open-label assessment of the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of transdermal cannabidiol (ZYN002) for the treatment of pediatric fragile X syndrome Aug 2019
Ingestion Method: titrated from 50 mg to a maximum daily dose of 250 mg
ZYN002 was well tolerated and produced clinically meaningful reductions in anxiety and behavioral symptoms in children and adolescents with FXS. These findings support further study of ZYN002 in a randomized, well-controlled trial for the treatment of behavioral symptoms of FXS.