Cannabis and anti-fibrosis
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Inhibits growth of scar tissue
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Borneol anti-fibrosis in mice via model Influence of borneol on primary mice oral fibroblasts: a penetration enhancer may be used in oral submucous fibrosis. Mar 2009
Ingestion Method: 18.75 to 300 microg/ml
This study indicates that borneol has anti-fibrosis activity and the mechanism may partly be relevant to its inhibiting effects on fibroblasts mitosis, collagen and TIMP-1 production. It can be safely used as a penetration enhancer for our formula to treat OSF.
Caryophyllene anti-fibrosis,anti-oxidant in vitro The anti-oxidant effect of Beta-caryophyllene protects rat liver from carbon tetrachloride-induced fibrosis by inhibiting hepatic stellate cell activation Feb 2013
Ingestion Method: 1 and 10 um
CAR, a sesquiterpene present in numerous plants and foods, is as a natural antioxidant that reduces carbon tetrachloride-mediated liver fibrosis and inhibits hepatic cell activation.