Cannabis and anti-viral
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Destroys viruses
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Nerolidol anti-viral,anti-bacterial in vitro Sensitization of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli to Antibiotics by the Sesquiterpenoids Nerolidol, Farnesol, Bisabolol, and Apritone Oct 2003
Our results suggest a general role for the use of sesquiterpenoid compounds as enhancers of nonspecific bacterial permeability to antibiotics and antimicrobials.
Cannflavin anti-microbial,anti-viral in vitro Microbial metabolism of cannflavin A and B isolated from Cannabis sativa Jun 2010
We herein report the microbial metabolism of 1 and 2 via a panel of 41 microorganisms, as well as the isolation, structure elucidation and activity (antimicrobial and antiprotozoal) of the resultant metabolites.
Pinene anti-viral in vitro Comparative anti-infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) activity of (-)-pinene: effect on nucleocapsid (N) protein. Jan 2011
Results presented here may suggest that (-)-alpha--pinene and (-)-beta--pinene possess anti-IBV properties, and therefore are a potential source of anti-IBV ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.
Ocimene anti-viral in vitro Phytochemical analysis and in vitro anti-viral activities of the essential oils of seven Lebanon species. Mar 2008
Ingestion Method: L. nobilis oil
L. nobilis oil exerted an interesting activity against SARS-CoV with an IC(50) value of 120 microg/ml and a selectivity index (SI) of 4.16
Bisabolol anti-viral in vitro The antimicrobial activity of alpha-bisabolol and tea tree oil against Solobacterium moorei, a Gram-positive bacterium associated with halitosis. Jan 2013
Halitosis-associated bacterium S. moorei is susceptible to the antimicrobial agents tea tree oil and alpha-bisabolol, suggesting that these compounds might be beneficial in oral healthcare products.
Limonene anti-oxidant,cancer,diabetes,anti-viral via review Limonene: Aroma of innovation in health and disease. Mar 2018
The therapeutic effects of limonene have been extensively studied, proving anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antinociceptive, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihyperalgesic, antiviral, and gastroprotective effects, among other beneficial effects in health.
Linalool anti-viral in vitro via experiment Chemical Constituents of Essential Oils Possessing Anti-Influenza A/WS/33 Virus Activity Dec 2018
This study demonstrated anti-influenza activity in 11 essential oils tested, with marjoram, clary sage and anise essential oils being the most effective at reducing visible cytopathic effects of the A/WS/33 virus. All 3 oils contained linalool, suggesting that this may have anti-influenza activity. Further investigation is needed to characterize the antiviral activity of linalool against influenza A/WS/33 virus.