Cannabis and asthma
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Limonene anti-inflamatory,asthma in mice via experiment Differential Effects of Limonene on Inflammation via Activation of A2A and A2B Adenosine Receptors in Asthma Apr 2019
Action Pathway: A2AAR,A2BAR
We have shown that limonene induces bronchodilation and lowers inflammation via A2A receptor activation (FASEB J April 2017 31:820.1) in a mouse model of asthma.
cannabis asthma via review Cannabis-Associated Asthma and Allergies. Apr 2019
Negative  Although smoking of marijuana may cause respiratory symptoms, there is a need for more studies to elucidate many aspects in allergic asthma patients, especially considering the long-term use of the drug. These patients should avoid using marijuana and be oriented about individual health risks, possible dangers of second-hand smoke exposure, underage use, safe storage, and the over smoking of marijuana.