Cannabis and breathhold duration
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Holding hits in longer does NOT result in higher or longer intoxication
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cannabis breathhold duration in humans via placebo trial (n=10) Response to marijuana as a function of potency and breathhold duration. 1991
Ingestion Method: 2.5% THC
Negative  Breathhold duration affected CO absorption; significantly more CO was absorbed from both P and M smoke after 20 s of breathholding (mean CO boost = 6.9 ppm) than after no breathholding (mean = 4.4 ppm). Heart rate was minimally affected by the breathhold manipulation. Effects of marijuana on mood were not consistently affected by breathhold duration. The results confirm previous findings that prolonged breathholding does not substantially enhance the effects of inhaled marijuana smoke.
cannabis breathhold duration in humans via trial Breathhold duration and response to marijuana smoke Sept 1988
Negative  Typical marijuana effects (increased heart rate, increased ratings of high and impaired memory performance) were observed under each of the breathhold conditions, but there was little evidence that response to marijuana was a function of breathhold duration.