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cannabis entourage,cultivation via review Cannabidiol and Contributions of Major Hemp Phytocompounds to the Entourage Effect; Possible Mechanisms May 2019
In this article, selected phytocompounds of hemp (Cannabis) are briefly discussed as well as their putative targets, in order to give an overview on the extremely complex interaction commonly called as entourage effect; lacking more systematic studies particularly in man, a number of mechanisms must remain assumptions. It is beyond the scope of this article to summarise all experimental work that has been published on specific ligands, receptors and ion channels. Primacy is given to most recent articles and reviews rather than to original papers.
cannabis cultivation via review Cannabis sativa: The Plant of the Thousand and One Molecules Feb 2016
Biotechnological avenues to enhance the production and bioactivity of hemp secondary metabolites are proposed by discussing the power of plant genetic engineering and tissue culture. In particular two systems are reviewed, i.e., cell suspension and hairy root cultures.
cannabis cultivation via review The Complex Interactions Between Flowering Behavior and Fiber Quality in Hemp May 2019
Before improved hemp cultivars can be developed, with specific flowering-times and fiber qualities, and adapted to different geographical regions, a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling important phenological traits such as flowering-time and sex determination in relation to fiber quality in hemp is required. It is well known that genetic factors play a major role in the outcome of both phenological traits, but the major molecular factors involved in this mechanism are not characterized in hemp.
cannabinoids cultivation via experiment LED lighting affects the composition and biological activity of Cannabis sativa secondary metabolites Jun 2019
Flowering under LEDs leads to higher accumulation of CBGA.