Cannabis and fibromyalgia
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Nabilone fibromyalgia in humans via placebo trial (n=40) Nabilone for the treatment of pain in fibromyalgia. Feb 2008
Positive  There were significant decreases in the VAS (-2.04, P < .02), FIQ (-12.07, P < .02), and anxiety (-1.67, P < .02) in the nabilone treated group at 4 weeks. There were no significant improvements in the placebo group. The treatment group experienced more side effects per person at 2 and 4 weeks (1.58, P < .02 and 1.54, P < .05), respectively. Nabilone appears to be a beneficial, well-tolerated treatment option for fibromyalgia patients, with significant benefits in pain relief and functional improvement.
cannabis fibromyalgia in humans via trial (n=20) An experimental randomized study on the analgesic effects of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis in chronic pain patients with fibromyalgia. Apr 2019
Ingestion Method: Bedrocan (22.4-mg THC), Bediol (13.4-mg THC, 17.8-mg CBD), Bedrolite (18.4-mg CBD)
Cannabis varieties containing THC caused a significant increase in pressure pain threshold relative to placebo (P < 0.01). Cannabidiol inhalation increased THC plasma concentrations but diminished THC-induced analgesic effects, indicative of synergistic pharmacokinetic but antagonistic pharmacodynamic interactions of THC and CBD.