Cannabis and stroke
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cannabis,cannabinoids stroke via review Cannabis and Cannabinoid Biology in Stroke Aug 2019
There is no previous or current clinical trials using cannabis or cannabinoids in stroke, but their pleitropic effects on the ischemic penumbra and ceberal vasculature after stroke, combined with excellent tolerability, make them promising candiates for future treatment development.
CBD stroke via review Therapeutic Potential of Non-Psychotropic Cannabidiol in Ischemic Stroke Jun 2010
Action Pathway: CB1
In this review, we will discuss the therapeutic possibility of CBD as a cerebroprotective agent, highlighting recent pharmacological advances, novel mechanisms, and therapeutic time window of CBD in ischemic stroke.
CBD,cannabinoids stroke via review The endocannabinoid system and stroke: A focused review Jan 2019
Action Pathway: CB1,CB2
Stroke is an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Development of novel neuroprotectants is of paramount importance. This review seeks to summarize the recent evidence for the role of the endocannabinoid signaling system in stroke pathophysiology, as well as the evidence from preclinical studies regarding the efficacy of cannabinoids as neuroprotective therapies in the treatment of stroke.